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Quality Policy

The General Management of GRUPO Vector is responsible for designing, evaluating and permanently reviewing the Governance and Sustainability System and, specifically, for approving and updating corporate policies.

In the exercise of these responsibilities, and aware that the excellent management of all the processes and resources of the group is an essential lever for the sustainable creation of value, the General Management of the group approves this Quality Policy, which imposes Quality Management according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 Standard. To this end, it declares, publishes and makes generally known to its entire organisation and interested parties, its Quality Policy consisting of:

1. Mission of the Organisation.

Development of innovation and technology to offer integral solutions to the electricity market.
1. We develop and innovate in technological solutions to meet the needs of the electricity sector, being a vector of the energy transition.
2. We industrialise electrical equipment/electrical devices to the highest standards.
3. We research, develop and innovate in technological solutions to meet the needs of the electricity sector, being a vector of the energy transition.
4. We commercialise solutions from energy generation, providing value to the end customer.
5. We distribute electronic/electrical solutions and equipment-devices for the electrical, electronic, energy and renewable energy sectors.

2. Vision of the Organisation.

Technological empowerment of the product and solutions of Vector and the rest of the group. Product development and disruptive solutions based on the principles of technological, financial and market competitiveness.

Positioning of VectorTech as a company or centre of reference in Power Electronics. To become a local and national industrial benchmark in the knowledge and development of solutions based on high-performance Power Electronics.

To be vectors of the energy transition. We face up to the challenges of the energy transition, strengthening our knowledge and developing technological solutions based on
high-performance power electronics. Our expertise in power electronics, automation and industrial control enhances the scope of Vector’s solutions.

1. We develop our brand identity through research, development, innovation, industrialisation, service and advice to our customers.
2. We initiated a process of international expansion, strengthening and increasing our agreements with sectoral stakeholders.
3. We promote the talent of our teams, developing people through induction, training and support programmes.
4. We are part of a business group committed to a change in the energy model, promoting the transition through the development of technology.

3. Culture and Values of the Organisation:

● Technological DNA: We innovate in technological solutions, adding value to our customers’ businesses. We seek to differentiate ourselves in the electricity sector through added value, in-house engineering and highly qualified teams. We are our customers’ technology partners.
Passion for innovation: Our growth is inspired by our passion for technology and innovation – Passion for the business project, passion for the customer! Our solutions are highly technological, with technology transfer being our resource and having the state of the art as our starting point.
Energy change. Actors in the change of energy model. We seek to drive sustainability and generate greater value and impact for our customers through competitive agility and digital transformation, providing society with the technology to meet the challenges of the energy transition, renewable energy and energy efficiency.
● Customer focused. Our core is to excel in customer service, which is why we pride ourselves on our 6 working day technical service. We support and advise our customers and accompany them in the initial phases of their projects. We deliver on our commitments, through disruptive products, knowledge sharing
disruptive products, sharing knowledge and best practices.
Talent: We believe in teamwork, therefore our hierarchy is not closed, but we develop our internal talent, as we believe in people. We develop internal career plans and ongoing training programmes to respond to change proactively and promote individual skills development in an efficient way. Therefore, we have proactive, accessible, decisive teams.


● That the development of this general policy is communicated, understood, implemented, kept up to date, reviewed and that continuous improvement of its effectiveness occurs at all levels.
at all levels.
● To comply with all applicable regulations and legislation for Quality Management, as well as mandatory and/or voluntary requirements agreed with all stakeholders interacting with the company.
● To meet the needs of all stakeholders interacting with the company
● Meet the needs of customers, regulatory authorities or other recognising organisations.
● To train employees to be committed to quality and to have a highly competent workforce.
Actively reduce risk and hazard at work, environmental pollution and improve energy performance.
● To work towards continuous quality improvement, which will ensure that we actively prevent risks intrinsic to our context and enable us to make the most of identified opportunities.
● Assigning responsibilities in the activities of the company.
● Assign responsibilities for activities relating to quality, energy efficiency, restriction of hazardous substances, health and safety, and the environment.
● The development of this policy is the responsibility of management and every employee of the Organisation must be actively involved in its implementation.