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What is VectorTech


VectorTech offers technological products and solutions based on the design and development of high performance power electronics.  These products and solutions are conceptualized and designed with the objective of improving and optimizing the three main vectors in the management, use and processing of electrical energy:

-Electrical Efficiency
-Power Quality
-Power Density

To this end, VectorTech‘s R&D team has extensive experience in the study, analysis, design and development of power electronics solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies:

-Wide Band Semiconductors (SiC & GaN)
-Active Gate Driving (AGD)
-High Performance Passive Technologies
-Enhanced Power Topologies (DAB, Multilevel, Resonant, Matrix, Vienna)
-Advanced Control and Modulation Algorithms for Power Electronics

VectorTech offers its customers:

Solutions based on State-of-the-Art Technologies

We base our solutions on cutting-edge technologies in the fields of Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Energy, Smart Sensors, Communications, IoT. Our solutions are prepared and adapted to operate in an Industry 4.0 environment through IoT connectivity. Our systems are compatible with predictive maintenance services, fault tolerant operation and monitoring, consumption analysis and optimization .

Process and Operations Improvements

Our solutions and products will allow you to:
(a) Make a technological leap in your processes, operations and applications, placing your activity at an advantage over the rest of your market.
b) Reduce operational and maintenance costs by improving electrical efficiency, power quality and integrating your power and energy systems into IoT and I4.0 management ecosystems.


Advice and support from the initial conceptualization phases to the start-up, training, after-sales and remote monitoring of incidents and maintenance stages.

Industrialization and Production of Electronic Equipment

We can tailor our Engineering, Industrialization and Production services to your particular needs in terms of time, scope and industrial production. We have an experienced team in Industrialization Engineering, SupplyChain and Production for industrial and power electronic/electrical equipment and solutions.



Scientific-Technical-Economic Feasibility Studies and Analysis. Calculation, Simulation, Design and Development of Hardware and Software / Firmware Solutions and Applications. Thermal and Magnetic FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Study and Analysis. Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Design-to-Cost Projects.


Industrialization and Production Engineering adaptable to the needs of each product / customer. Processes and Procedures subject to exhaustive internal quality controls and reviews of system and product.

Audit and Advisory Services

Exhaustive reviews of the company's systems and processes, with the objective of identifying possible weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.


Industry Sectors and Markets

Industry Sectors and Markets

Energy Storage

SW &FW Control
IoT & I 4.0
Power Filters
Measures & Protections

Power controllers

PFCs Reactive
Harmonic Conditioning
Hybrid Filters
EMC Filters

Renewable Energies

PV Power Systems
Solar Pumping
IoT Controllers
Sensors & Transducers
Measures & Protections
Energy Storage
Power Filters


Motor Drives
SW &FW Control
IoT & I 4.0
Power Quality
Measures & Protections

Electric Mobility

Advanced Charging Systems
Power Quality
Measures & Protections
Energy Storage